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we solve problems

Restaurants are struggling.

Covid Closures

Over 65,000 restaurants closed in Western Europe since the start of the pandemic.

Food Cost

Ingredient costs have risen by 8% in Spain over the last 2 years.

Labour Shortage

Covid will continue to dramatically change work, and restaurants are years from recovery.


New, untrained labour means low efficiency and consistency in food prep.

Food Waste

12% average food waste across the food sector. Thats on top of the 30% waste in agriculture.

Delivery Margins

It was already tough, but labour increases are wiping out even the slimmest margins.

Meet the LEX Poke Robot

The Poke Production Powerhouse

Max. Bowls/hour capacity


Possible errors


Bowl consistency per ingredient


Labour Cost Savings*


* Considering 150 bowls per day with 4 people working vs LEX.

Software Built in the cloud

Manage LEX from anywhere

Robust & Scalable infrastructure

Cloud and ML Architecture

Utilizing innovations in the IoT space and Amazon, WeTechFood is able to build a robust infrastructure that is able to handle the demands of the future. The cloud infrastructure is built on top of the latest technologies, and is able to handle the demands of the future. Microservice-based, event-driven architecture is at the core of our systems, allowing growth and scalability without the need to refactor at scale.

Live Tracking of all LEXs

Situational Awareness

By implementing a cloud-based integration from the start, WeTechFood can be proactive with the tracking orders on all LEXs in the wild. That means higher order speeds, less maintainence time and more flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of the LEX's customers and operators. It also means LEX operators don't need to be machine operating experts to get the most out of their food production.





Orders per minute
bowls completed
Food waste percentage
(restaurant average 15%)
avg. ingredients per bowl

Built-in flexibility

Possible Combinations

Seemingly endless ingredient combinations makes the LEX a powerful asset in any Poke Bowl brand.
  • Tofu Supreme

    Tofu, Cucumber,
    Red Onion, Avocado,
    588 KCal
    400 G
  • Herbs Surprise

    Mixed Greens
    Corn, Tomato,
    Brown rice
    908 KCal
    430 G
  • Ahi Tuna Salad

    Fresh Tuna
    Carrots, Beans, Cabbage
    Raw Onions, ...
    908 KCal
    430 G
  • Tropical Salmon

    908 KCal
    430 G
  • Hearty Lunch Bowl

    908 KCal
    430 G


A path to restaurant innovation.

Seed , 2020

Received funding through our first investor (owner of UNICO). A laser hair removal business with up to 400 stores.


Switched focus on the improving the robot instead of opening a restaurant chain.

Team , 2021

Hired our first employee Jesus, who started off as an intern but soon became our mechanical engineer.


Finished creating our first two robot prototypes as our restaurant opening got delayed.


Pandemic hit strong in 2021 and our opening of a restaurant got delayed. Put focus on the robot and focused on cold plates, although we have the options of heating.


Continued improving our robot design to measure up to two decimal places while enabling it to be controlled through network.


Hired two more people: Javier our Electronical engineer Lead, and our CTO with vast experience in Robotics and coming from a recently bought spanish company called ASTI


Landed 490K with milestones. Finished in December. Used part of this funding to create our Software. Currently industrializing our first robot. Ready to launch our first robotic company


Mahmoud Bartawi

“WeTechFood represents not just a hope, but a certainty for the food industry. Piece by piece, our kitchen line is automating, and we see WeTechFood as a key player in our food offering.”

CoFounder of MealZap and Under500 (sold to Kitopi)


Jaime Perez

“WeTechFood opens up endless new possibilities in the restaurant sector. In an innovative solution for robotics and automation, it proposes the collaboration of the future; people and robots. Quality of the gastronomic product, customer service, efficiency, economic viability of the restaurant and cutting-edge technology to make the sector more competitive are just some of the solutions and characteristics that define them. Without a doubt, a fantastic start.”

Strategy Director at Asti

Lead the technological transformation of the restaurant business through highly efficient robots and easy to use software.
Determined to change the restaurant business with Robotics

meet the team

Our People

Studied at the IES Lago Cooking School. Later, he studied the Master in Hospitality Management at the prestigious Basque Coulinary Center. He founded Catering Montejo where he serves a multitude of companies. Jorge has advised a wide variety of gastronomic companies over the past 8 years, including restaurants, hotels and catering companies. Jorge currently owns two restaurants in Madrid to consolidate his gastronomic group.
Jorge Montejo Pérez
Culinary Director & Co-founder
Passionate about gastronomy and mechanics, he has found in robotics the greatest challenge with which to transform the restaurant sector. Roman was able to make his dream come true at “WeTechFood, as CEO of the company his role is to know how to focus the efforts and the team on this ambitious goal. His experience in companies such as Accenture, Carrefour and Coty have offered him a great capacity to take on this challenge.
Román Salazar
Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder
Guillermo ensures the viability of the project financially and strategically of WeTechFood. His corporate background as well as his entrepreneurial and food delivery background will help “WeTechFood with its aim of transforming the restaurant business through robotics and technology.
Guillermo Ortiz Pretel
Chief Financial Officer & Co-founder
Electromechanical Engineer with a Master in Robotics and Automation. He was part of a company in the Sawers Technology Company where they created the First 3D Printer in Bolivia, which was marketed throughout the country. He participated in several competitions among the most important the hackathon "NASA SPACE APPS CHALLENGE" of 2014 where with his team obtained the first place in the Hardware category (Exomars).
Luis Rodrigo Orellana Ferrufino
Chief Robotics Officer & Co-founder
I have been through vocational training (FP superior) in electronics and ending up studying electronic engineering. I always thought I was going to be a mechanical engineer, but I have it as a hobby. I have been part of the production of the KitBeats project to develop it before the Champions League matches. My passion is motor vehicles and motorcycles.
Javier Hernanz
Head of Electronics
Master in Mechanical Engineering (2019-2021). Final master's project on the design and calculation of scalable modular axles for multi-category vehicles. Professional competencies in finite element design and calculation tools such as SolidWorks and Ansys. His experience in design and calculation tools, and his eagerness to innovate, have made it possible to design and manufacture robotic systems to make LEX a reality.
Jesús Felipe Espadero
Mechanical Engineer
Al-Husein Shariff
Python Developer
Chemical engineer with a masters in Integrated Management. She has found in We Tech Food the perfect way to combine her procurement and quality expertise with her background in the hospitality sector. Her administrative and finance skills allows her to support both the procurement department and the finance department.
Cecilia Herrejon Gomez
Finance Administration

Advisors & Collaborators

Marius Robles
Foodtech Advisor
Mike Soertsz
Technical Advisor
Lucas Garelli
Chef Advisor

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